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Hi Members!

Welcome to your section of the website. Here you will find information on a variety of current and archived independent living issues.

NILA’s purpose is to help you change lives - whether it’s the life of a promising youth that you’re supporting through housing or if you’re a youth struggling to find the money to complete your education. I want to make sure that NILA offers its members the opportunity to give us feedback. What can NILA do to help you make the transition to adulthood easier for youth?

As you review the information on the member pages, please keep in mind that we are here to serve you. Please contact me if you have any of the following for the website:

Thanks for being NILA’s partner in helping to make the lives of youth better!

Trevor Quilan
Executive Director
(904) 296-1038
e-mail: info@nilausa.org

Telephone: (904) 296-1038    E-mail: info@nilausa.org
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